Pump Types

Sundyne specializes in the design and manufacture of centrifugal integrally geared low-flow high head and multi-stage ISO 13709/API-610 standard pumps, and sealless magnetic drive pumps that meet API-685 and ANSI standards. They are built to handle hydrocarbons at extremely high pressures and temperatures, which will burn or explode if they are inadvertantly released. These pumps are designed and manufactured with thick casing, robust seal designs, bearings, shafts and gears designed to run for more then 5 years without overhaul or repair. Sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed to completely prevent leaks of volatile chemicals in both ETFE lined and metallic models. Sundyne standard sealless pumps keep your personnel, facilities and the environment safe.


Pump Types

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  • OH5 API-610, ISO 13709 Pumps

    Sundyne API-610, 11th Edition OH5 Type Pumps are vertical in-line single-stage overhung pumps. They are close-coupled with their impellers mounted directly on the driver shaft.

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  • OH6 API-610, ISO 13709 Pumps

    Sundyne API-610 11th Edition. The API OH6 is a horizontal or vertical, single stage, overhung, high speed pump that has an integral gearbox mounted to the pump housing. The gearbox is driven by the motor with a flexible coupling, and the pump impeller is mounted directly to the high speed shaft of the gearbox.

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  • Sealless Centrifugal Pumps API 685

    Sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps that meet API-685 and API-610 standards. No seals that leak make it safe and reliable. Perfect pumps for difficult to seal, hazardous, and high-value applications for petroleum, heavy duty chemical and gas industry services.

    GSP API-685 Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Sealless Magnetic Drive Horizontal End Suction Metallic Centrifugal Pumps

    Sealless magnetic drive metallic horizontal end suction metallic centrifugal pumps meet industry chemical process standards. They are highly reliable for high temperature, high viscosity, high pressure and hazardous chemical process applications.

    Sealless Magnetic Drive Horizontal
  • Sealless Magnetic Drive Horizontal End Suction Non Metallic Pumps

    The Sundyne Sealless Non-Metallic Magnet Drive end-suction pumps meet ASME / ANSI B73.3 standards for chemical procesing. Thes pumps are ideal for handling highly corrosive chemicals, acids, salt water and solvents.

    Sealless Magnet Drive Non-Metallic Pumps
  • Sealless Magnetic Drive Vertical Inline Pumps

    The vertically mounted GSPV inline pump from Sundyne HMD Kontro combines API 685 expertise with the benefits of a sealless pump in a compact package

    Sealless Vertical Magnetic Drive Pumps
  • Sealless Vertical Sump Pump

    Magnetic drive sealless pumps in a compact package, using fewer parts with no seal systems for reduced cost operation. Highly reliable with safe sealless design makes it suitable for the most difficult sump pump applications. Designed specifically for use in tank farms as a fuel transfer pump; a typical application would be an airport where it can be utilized as an aviation fuel pump.

    Sealless Vertical Sump Pump
  • VS1 API-610, ISO 13709 Pumps

    Sundyne Marelli API-610, Type VS1 Pumps are wet pit, vertically suspended, single-casing diffuser designs with discharge through the column.

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  • VS2 API-610, ISO 13709 Pumps

    Sundyne Marelli API-610, Type VS2 Pumps are wet pit, vertically suspended single-casing volute designs with discharge through the column.

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  • VS4 API-610, ISO 13709

    The API Pump Type VS4 is a vertically suspended, single-casing volute line-shaft driven sump pump.

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