Sundyne Pumps

For over 50 years, Sundyne LMV and BMP integrally gear-driven centrifugal pumps have set the industry standard for high-head, low-flow fluid handling technology. Featuring a modular design with an independent gearbox and wet-end, our engineers custom build every pump to meet the unique Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of each customer's application. With over one million possible configurations available, Sundyne pumps deliver multi-stage performance in a single-stage design. These API-610 OH6, ISO-13709 compliant pumps deliver rugged reliability in a compact footprint; equating to maximized uptime, reduced maint enance costs and optimized productivity over the lifecycle of the unit. Backed by our global network of Authorized Service Centers, Sundyne pumps are the best in class option for a wide range of critical applications in the refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas production and power generation sectors.


Sundyne Pump Models

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Sundyne Gearbox Reliability

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