Sundyne utilizes powder coat paint to protect pumps from highly corrosive chemicals and water

Powder coat paint protects Sundyne non-metalic sealless magnetic drive pumps and Sunflo medium duty pumps from corrosive and caustic chemical applications. Powder coat paint is standard on external metalic housings for pumps used in harsh chemical and corrosive water environments.The proprietary powder coat paint process features as much as 400% improvement in impact resistance, which significantly reduces paint scratches and chips that lead to corrosion. Powder coat paint is superior to typical epoxy coatings.





Hammering regular epoxy paint results in chips and scratches that easily lead to corrosion and metal fatigue resulting in significant reductions in pump life.


Sundyne powder coat paint is scratch and chip resistant resulting in longer pump life and reliability, especially in harsh environments with corrosive chemicals.



Powder coat paint is applied as a fine mist and then permenently baked onto exposed surfaces through a special proprietary heating process. All painting is quality controlled under strict supervision in the Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA headquarters factory.



Following are specifications for Sundyne powder coat paint:

  • Minimal film thickness: 1.8-3.0 mils
  • Impact resistance: ASTM D-2794 - 100 in-lb direct and reversed (superlative performance)
  • Chemical resistance: ASTM D-B117 - Salt fog test, passes 500 hour minimum
  • Pencil hardness: ASTM D-3363-2H
  • Adhesion: Cross-hatch - ASTM D-3359, excellent - No failure with 1/16" squares
  • Flexibility: ASTM D-522 - 1/8" Mandrel Bend - Pass


Highly protective powder coat paint is standard on all Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps (Ansimag) and Sunflo medium duty pumps.


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